My name is Sukhdeep Nahal, a licensed broker working for Dominion Lending Center, the number one brokerage in Canada today. Sukhdeep Nahal was born and raised in Richmond, BC. Sukhdeep had gone to elementary and high school in Richmond to get his high school diploma. Prior to graduation Sukhdeep had gone to BCIT to further his education as a CNC Machinist Technician. Sukhdeep got his diploma. Sukhdeep had always wanted to work in the field of Real Estate and is currently is full time as a licensed mortgage broker. I did my education at Saunders School Of Business and got a certificate for completing the course. Sukhdeep is now with the brokerage, Dominion Lending Center. Sukhdeep is here to give expert advice about mortgages and will happy to help you. Sukhdeep’s door are always open for any inquiries you may have. For your mortgage needs, please call Sukhdeep at 604-218-6014 or email  Thank you. Looking forward to meeting you.